Review: CPSC 304, 310

Posted on June 22, 2015 in ubc • 5 min read

This is a long overdue review for a bunch of 3rd year CPSC courses that I took in 2013W1. Better late than never, right? As it's been a lengthy 2 years since I've taken these courses, I'll probably keep these reviews a little bit shorter than some of my other reviews.

CPSC 304:

In a nutshell:

Language: relational algebra, SQL, Datalog

Toolset: exposure to Oracle, SQL*Plus

Prereqs: CPSC 221

Website/resources: CPSC 304 and lecture recordings (which are only accessible via VPN or ubcsecure; you'll get a 403 Forbidden error otherwise); Piazza

Textbook: Database Management Systems, 3rd ed., by …

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