Ponysay for Debian

How to install Ponysay on Debian

To install ponysay on Debian, simply download and install the binary package. For example:

$ wget https://vcheng.org/ponysay/ponysay_3.0.3+20210327-1_all.deb
$ sudo apt install ./ponysay_3.0.3+20210327-1_all.deb

I want to build the package myself

The source package (.dsc), from which the .deb package is built from, is also available below, and is signed by Debian Developer Vincent Cheng. (gpg key id: AA1F32FF)

$ sudo apt install debian-keyring devscripts build-essential debhelper texinfo python3
$ dget -x https://vcheng.org/ponysay/ponysay_3.0.3+20210327-1.dsc
$ cd ponysay-3.0.3+20210327
$ dpkg-buildpackage --no-sign

File listing

Binary package

Source package

For Ubuntu users, please check out the Ponysay-specific PPA that I've setup for all currently supported Ubuntu releases.

More information about Ponysay can be found in its Github repository.